Welcome to the DEPENd Lab/DNPL workshop on multilevel modeling. This is the Spring 2021 edition. This website provides access to course materials and examples. For access to the Rmd files containing all code, see here.

The goal of this workshop is to provide an overview of multilevel modeling and to consider its application to behavioral data, particularly from cognitive and decision-making tasks.

To obtain an initial copy of the materials for this workshop, use git clone to download the course repository: git clone https://github.com/UNCDEPENdLab/MLM_Tutorial

If you already cloned a local copy of the repo, you can get the latest updates using git update. If all of this git stuff is foreign, Iā€™d recommend a quick skim of this documentation: https://happygitwithr.com

Meeting topics

4Feb2021: Clustering, Basics of MLM, Random Intercept Model (Alison Schreiber)

18Feb2021: MLM Intuitions, lme4 implementation, Random slopes

15Apr2021: Model selection and model pruning

13May2021: Incorporating neural measures into MLMs of behavior (Alex Dombrovski)

27May2021: Multilevel SEM (Tim Allen)

10Jun2021: Bayesian extensions of MLM (Vanessa Brown)